Pewter products, Thai craftsmanship
1. We are a company that specializes in creating and we focus on affordable pricing and quality of products.
2. Pewter color never tarnishes. The color will remain the same. No polishing necessary.
3. FDA CERTIFIED to be FOOD SAFE. No chemicals in production procedures.
4. Environmental friendly, no pollution, no wastage , recyclable.
5. All production from start to finish is done by skilled THAI labors with more than 30 years of experience.
6. Each piece is handmade and soldered (if any) to almost perfection.

Royal Pewter

Pewter products, Thai craftsmanship
Royal Pewter We offer a wide range of pewter products to choose from. And using a combination of tin and other products such as glass, wood, ceramics, etc., designed together with pewter by skilled craftsmen for more than 30 years, resulting in beautiful, elegant, modern, modern or antique pieces
For customers who want a new model Or have their own products, we are happy to produce them for your needs

Royal Pewter offers services for producing OEM products for customers as well.


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Pewter products, Thai craftsmanship


Royal Pewter would like to offer Pewter products using alloy materials between 97% pure tin, 2% copper, 1% antimony in the production of appliances. Jewelry, decorations and souvenirs, etc. We also have many styles for you to choose.

If returning to the first era of tin for at least 2000 years during the Roman Empire In this era, the first household appliances were used, most of which consisted of a pitcher with a lid, a tin plate and a candlestick, about the 12th century. And in the homes of wealthy merchants and churches Later, it was used in taverns and cottages.

Nowadays, it becomes a fashion to buy pewter for daily use instead of silverware.

It can be seen that the Pewter product has a long history. We can see from the design. Various pattern patterns Beautiful on pewter products

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