Pewter products, Thai craftsmanship
We were the first ever to revive the ancient crafts of pewter in Thailand since 1989 under the name Royal Thai Pewter. Most pieces are produced in the traditional way in our own plant by Thai craftsmen specially trained in the old casting methods, assembly and delicate hand finishing. It takes years of experiences to acquire such skills. We have continuously applied the highest standards of design and quality control in the production of these elegant items. Each piece bears the company’s hallmark and guarantee of tin composition. For many decades, we have exported worldwide. We have customers all over the world namely Australia, China, England, Denmark, Dubai, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, New Zealand, Malaysia, Norway, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States. On February 28, 2020 we changed the name to become "Royal Pewter Company Limited”. Our pewter products include a wide range of items, covering from Hip Flasks, Tankards, baby Christening items and Gifts, Corporate Gifts, Trophy, commemorative Plates and Souvenir Items. We also have collections in Traditional Rustic Antique Finish, inclusive of Tabletop Items, Serving & Entertaining and much more. Customs Designs (Bespoke), OEM and small orders are accepted.

What is a Pewter?

Pewter products, Thai craftsmanship
The early history of pewter goes back at least 2000 years, during the Roman Empire. The pewterers of this era produced the first utensils for domestic use, consisting mainly of tankards, plates and candlesticks.
Around the 12th century, pewter was only within the reach of the wealthy and elite, where it was found on the tables of castle halls and in the houses of rich merchants and churchmen. Later, its use spread into taverns and cottages.
It is now fashionable to buy pewter for everyday use instead of silver.
Pewter is easy to store, never wears out or tarnishes and on special occasions, it provides a splendid display. It can also be readily engraved and inscripted by any competent jewelers.
The only change in pewter these days is the lead and tin composition. Today, the composition is 95% - 97% tin with the balance made up of Copper and Antimony. Products are guaranteed lead-free and safe to use for all kinds of food and drinks.

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Pewter products, Thai craftsmanship


Royal Pewter would like to offer Pewter products using alloy materials between 97% pure tin, 2% copper, 1% antimony in the production of appliances. Jewelry, decorations and souvenirs, etc. We also have many styles for you to choose.

If returning to the first era of tin for at least 2000 years during the Roman Empire In this era, the first household appliances were used, most of which consisted of a pitcher with a lid, a tin plate and a candlestick, about the 12th century. And in the homes of wealthy merchants and churches Later, it was used in taverns and cottages.

Nowadays, it becomes a fashion to buy pewter for daily use instead of silverware.

It can be seen that the Pewter product has a long history. We can see from the design. Various pattern patterns Beautiful on pewter products

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