Royal Pewter

Pewter products, Thai craftsmanship
Royal Pewter's pewter products are made from components of 97% pure tin, 2% antimony and 1% copper to increase the strength of the product.

Our products are safe for food and drinks. There are a variety of appliance items. Decorations, souvenirs, etc.

In addition, we have many styles that reflect the art of Thai culture.

Taking care of our products is easy. Just wash with soapy water, wipe dry with a soft cloth. Do not touch the oven or direct heat. Our products do not deteriorate. Therefore no need to scrub the cleaning time

Willing to produce a small number of products Depends on the needs of customers

There is a service to produce products for various brands according to the customer specified (OEM).

Royal Pewter Product

Pewter products, Thai craftsmanship
Beautiful patterns conveyed on pewter products. By ROYAL PEWTER.
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