Frequently asked questions from customers, Royal Thai Pewter has compiled the following details.

Q: What is a pewter?

A: It is a mixture of pure tin (97%), antimony (2%) and copper (1%) as appliances / decorations / souvenirs etc.

Q: In the case of food containers, drink will have residues in the body?

Answer: The properties of tin are high corrosion resistance. Resistant to rust Does not cause toxic substances that are harmful to the body

Q: Pewter products What can be done?

A: Royale Thai Pewter produces pewter as a set of home appliances. accessories General decorative items, souvenirs, as well as produce as the customers want.

Q: Do the products have to wait for a long time to produce?

Answer: If the product is newly made, take production, check the product quality before sending the customer about 3-7 days (excluding delivery time)

If you have additional questions, please contact us.